• Your product is updated and shiny – but manuals are old and dusty?

  • You need to write new user manuals – but have no time?

Inidox helps you out with your documentation needs!

You are probably developing some kind of technical product – could be hardware or software, for professionals or consumers – and you find that your time is best spent on the product itself: there are so many great ideas to work with, so much the customers are asking for. And then sales and marketing also want their share of your time. And project management, people management, and all the other things that are all very important.

And then there is the documentation – user manuals, installation guides, system administrator’s manual, product sheets, etc. – when to do all that? Who should do it? Our suggestion, of course, is that you can call us in to do it. As a one-time task or on an ongoing basis where we can keep it all at a decent level and let you invest your own time in the real thing, the product itself.

What can we do for you?

Quite simply, we can write. We can put details in order, so that they are easy to overview. We can extract data from databases or other systems and arrange it into reports or lists for further processing. And we can arrange whatever documentation we have made for you in ways that are suitable for your needs: as pdf files, help files, in a wiki, on a web page, in a document share – whatever you need.

We can do the project management around it all, suggest which documentation to create – or simply add in the missing hands on specific tasks – or anything in between.

And we can assist with various automation and programming tasks that may help you stay on top of things in the future.

Who are we?

Jorgen WintherSo far just one person, who really likes to do what he is doing and has a suitable technical background, and who is interested in a broad scope of technical areas as well as in the task and art or writing, having a good sense of quality, and is very service minded.

Jørgen Winther has a background in IT and has edited and improved various manuals and user guides. Additionally, he has worked with a range of other technical products, both professional and consumer oriented and developed a sense of what the users, resellers, installers, developers, and supporters of such products need to know – and what they would be happy to be able to find somewhere.

Jørgen can write, program, extract data, manage projects, guide on processes, and more. Feel free to ask about any task.

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